July 16, 2010

Virtually Visiting Your Loved Ones

You can visit the grave sites of your loved ones at Greenville, SC's Springwood and Richland cemeteries without leaving your home. Greenville has lauched Cemetery Viewer which allows people to find specific graves or deeded plots in the two cemeteries. One can search by name or death date or search plots by name or number.

The project used cemetery plot maps, receipt books, actual burial records and field data collected using GPS equipment. Each marker in the cemeteries was identified with GPS coordinates; the name, dates, and any other legible information on the marker plus a digital photograph.

You can find Cemetery Viewer at

Brookdale Cemetery in Dedham, MA also has a viewer but it doesn't seem as nice; i.e. no pictures.  You can find it at http://gis.dedham-ma.gov/brookdale/.  For Family, note that there are two spellings Thibault and Thibeault.  You'll find Magloire, Delia, Grandpa Joseph and Grandma Mary O'Neil and our baby sister under the Thibeault spelling and a baby boy named John born to Magloire and Delia under the Thibault spelling.

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