August 31, 2010

Hélène Desportes

Hélène Desportes is often cited as the first white child born in Canada, New France. There is considerable disagreement about when she was born and, in particular, if she was born in Quebec or before she arrived on the continent.  Her parents were French habitants Pierre Desportes (1580- after 1629), who was in charge of the warehouse in Quebec as well as the village baker, and his wife Françoise Langlois (c1595- after 1629), who settled in Quebec. Her father was a lawyer in the Parlement de Paris and an investor in the Company of 100 Associates which funded Champlain's colony.

Her godmother was Madame Hélène Boullé, the wife of Samuel de Champlain. In his will, Champlain left her 300 livres (about $15,000 in 1997).

After the fall of Québec City in 1629, Hélène and her parents, along with Champlain were transported to London, and then back to France. Shortly after peace was restored in 1632, Hélène returned to Québec, possibly with Champlain who arrived back in Québec on May 16, 1633.

On the first of October 1634, Hélène married Joseph Guillaume HÉBERT, son of Louis Hébert and Marie Rollet. Joseph's family had remained in Québec during the occupation and had the first farm there. His father LOUIS HEBERT had been involved in early expeditions to Port Royal with Champlain and others.

After Joseph Hebert died in 1639, Hélène was left with three living children one of which, Marie-Francoise Hebert, was our decendant. Hélène  then married Noël Morin, a native of the parish of St-Étienne in Brie-Comte-Robert, a village near Paris, on January 9, 1640, in Quebec City. They had 12 children, we are decendant of their daughter Agnes Morin.

Perhaps aided by having personally brought 19 of her own children into the world, Hélène learned the profession of sage femme, which is the French expression for midwife. She passed that profession on to two of her daughters.

August 15, 2010

Catherine Baillon: A Royal Connection

Catherine Baillon was the daughter of Alphonse de Baillon, Sieur de Valence et de la Mascotterie, and Louise de Marle. She was born around 1645, probably near Montfort-l'Amaury, Île-de-France, outside of Paris. Her parents were members of the minor French nobility. She came to New France around 1669 as a Fille du Roi and married Jacques Miville dit Deschênes on 12 November 1669 at Québec City. Together they had six children. Both Jacques and Catherine died on 27 January 1688 at Rivière-Ouelle, and it is likely they were victims of the smallpox epidemic that struck Québec in 1687.

Catherine Baillon's descent from King Philippe II Auguste of France (a descendant of Charlemagne and wife Hildegard) has been carefully researched in original sources by four genealogists who are well-known for their past accurate and well-documented works: René Jetté, John P. DuLong, Roland-Yves Gagné, and Gail F. Moreau.

Thousands of descendants of French-Canadian ancestors are able to claim royal blood by way of descent from Catherine Baillon.  We are one of them.

Charlemagne 747-814
Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire 800-814

Pepin I (Karlmann) 777-810 (mother Hildegard)
King of Italy 781-810

Bernhard I 797- 818 (illegitimate son of Karlmann)
King of Italy 813-817

Pepin (mother Cunigunda)
Comte de Senlis, Peronne and St.Quintin

Heribert I 850- 900 (mother unknown)
Comte de Vermandois

Heribert II 879- 943 (mother Bertha de Morvois)
Comte de Meaux, Soissons et Vermandois

Adela de Vermandois (mother Hildebrante of France)
910- 960

Baudouin III  940- 962 (father Arnulf I, Count of Flanders) 
Count of Flanders

Arnulf II 961- 987 (mother Mathilde Billung of Saxony)
Count of Flanders 973-987

Baudouin IV 980-1035 (mother Rozala of Lombardy/Italy)
Count of Flanders 987-1035

Baudouin V 1012-1067 (mother Ogive of Luxembourg)
Count of Flanders 1035-1067

Matilda of Flanders (mother Adèle of France)
m. William the Conqueror 1031-1083  

Adela of Normandy (father William the Conqueror)

Theobald  IV-II 1085-1152 (father Stephen II, Count of Blois)
Comte de Blois et Chartres et Champagne                                             Count of Blois and of Chartres as Theobald IV from 1102 and was Count of Champagne and of Brie as Theobald II from 1125.

Alix de Blois also known as Adèle of Champagne (mother Matilda of Carinthia) 1140-1206 m. Louis VII of France (3rd wife)
Regent of France

Philippe II August 1165-1223 (father Louis VII)
King of France 1180-1223

Marie de France (mother Agnes de Merania)

Elisabeth of Brabant ( father Henry I, Duke of Brabant)

Mechtild von Kleef  (father Thierry de CLEVES)

Marguerite de Luxembourg (father Gerhard III von LUXEMBURG)

Jean IV de Ghistelles (father Jean III de GHISTELLES)

Roger de Ghistelles (mother possibly Marie van HAVESKERKE)Seigneur de Dudzeele et de Straten

Isabella de Ghistelles (mother Marie van HAVESKERKE)

Catherine de Gavre (father Arnold VI van GAVRE )Dame de La Boissiere et de Vaux-sur-Orge

Guy II Le Bouteiller (father Guy I Le Bouteiller , Seigneur de la Bouteillieur)
Seigneur de La Bouteillerie et de La Roche-Guyon

Jean Le Bouteiller (mother Isabelle Morhier)
Seigneur de La Bouteillerie, de Vaux-sur-Orge

Bénigne Le Bouteiller (mother Marie De Venois)
Dame de La Boissière

Miles Maillard (fatherJacques De Maillard)
Seigneur du Breuil et de La Broissière

Renée de Maillard (mother Marie Morant)

Alphonse Baillon (father Adam Baillon)
Seigneur de La Mascotterie, des Enclaves et de Valence en

Catherine Baillon (mother Louise De Marle) m. Jacques Miville Deschenes

Jean Miville dit Deschênes m. Marie Dube

Angélique Miville dit Deschênes  m. Mathurine Berube

Joseph Bérubé m. Marie-Angelique Thibault (decendant of Guilliaume Thibault)

Therese Bérubé m. Charles Beaupre

Pierre Beaupre m. Theotiste Boucher

Pierre Beaupre m. Helene Castonguay

Georgina Beaupre m. Amable Beaulieu

Delia Beaulieu m. Magloire Thibault

Joseph John Thibault m. Mary O'Neil

Joseph John Thibault m. Helen

August 9, 2010

One World Tree

One World Tree is a beta project of  OneWorldTree gathers family trees and family history records for millions of people, analyzes the birth, death and marriage data and then displays the most probable matches for your ancestors.  I've been playing a bit with this and discovered Fabien Thibault has been entered into the tree.  I've found probable matches with the following:

Five First Ladies (not including already knowing we are related to Hillary Rodham Clinton)

  Margaret Mackall Smith Taylor was the wife of President Zachary Taylor
  Martha Jefferson was married to U.S. President Thomas Jefferson
  Elizabeth Kortright Monroe was the wife of President James Monroe
  Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy Onassis was the wife of President John F. Kennedy
  Laura Bush was the wife of George W. Bush

Several writers
  Alexandre Dumas
  Rudyard Kipling
  Aldous Huxley
  T.S. Elliot (we are most definitely 6th cousin 4 times removed from Fabien)
  Jack Kerouac (3rd cousin 3 times removed from Fabien)
  Mary Flannery O'Connor (really very very distant)

A few of inventors

  Robert H. Goddard, the father of modern rocketry
  Louis Pasteur is famous for "pasteurization," a means of preventing milk from going sour (how appropriate)
  Gottlieb Daimler designed and patented the prototype for the modern gas engine.
  William Thomson, 1st Baron Kelvin, was an Irish Scottish mathematician and scientist known for his contributions to the studies of thermodynamics and electricity.

A signer of the Constitution
  Robert Morris   Pennsylvania Representative and 26th Great Grandfather of Fabien (maybe)
  Prior to signing The Declaration of Independence, The Constitution, and The Articles of Confederation;  
  Robert Morris borrowed money to pay Washington's troops during the Revolutionary War. 
Some Actors
  John Wayne
  Marlon Brando
  James Dean
  Joan Crawford
Military Heroes
  Joan of Arc

and Royalty
 Phillip the Good Duke of Burgundy (July 31, 1396 – June 15, 1467)
Many of these are questionable because of missing people in between supposed links and questionable linkage at best, but others are more reliable because I can trace them in our tree.

August 1, 2010

Georgina Beaupre mother of Delia Beaulieu Thibault

Nicolas Bonhomme was born in Sainte-Croix de Fécamp in Normandy, between 1603 and 1611.  He is the son of Nicolas Bonhomme and Marie Gayon. Nicholas arrived in Quebec during the summer of 1637, he signs a marriage contract at Three-Rivers, September 2 1640. This marriage is the second celebrated after that of Jean Godefrois and Marie LeNeuf, in 1636. His future wife, Catherine Gouget, born towards 1607, daughter of Léonard Gouget and Catherine DuFrançois, was born in Thury-Harcourt, Normandie.

The Gouget/Bonhomme couple spends winter 1640-41 in Quebec In 1642, the couple returns  to France, towards end 1644 Ignace Bonhomme dit Beaupre was born. The summer or the autumn of 1645, the couple is back in the colony. Four other children are born in Quebec for a total of seven. 

Ignace Bonhomme dit Beaupre marries in 1671, Agnès Morin, daughter of Noël Morin and Helene Desportes and widow of Nicolas Gaudry deceased on June 22 1669. Their son Noel Bonhomme dit Beaupre, born in 1684, married Felicite Hamel, daughter of Jean Hamel and Levasseur Anne-Happiness. The descendants of Ignace use the Beaupré name.

Noel dit Beaupre and Felicite's son Claude Beaupre was born about 1723 in L'Ancienne-Loretteville, Quebec, Canada.  He married Genevieve Martin born 1729 in Portneuf, Quebec, Canada. 

Claude and Genevieve's son Charles was born 1750 in Quebec.  He married Therese Berube daughter of Joseph Berube and Marie-Angelique Thibault decendant of Guilluame Thibault and Marie-Madeleine LeFrancois another Thibault pioneer.

Claude and Therese's son Pierre was born 10 May 1783 in Riviere Ouelle, Quebec, Canada.  He married Theostiste Boucher daughter of Francois Boucher and Catherine Hudon and decendant of Marin Boucher and Perrine Mallet.

Pierre and Theostiste's son Pierre Marshall Beaupre was born 8 February 1813.   He married Helene Castonguay born 1827 in St Jean Port, Joli, Quebec.

Pierre Marshall and Helene's daughter was Georgina Beaupre.  Georgina was born about 1852 in Riviere Ouelle, Quebec, Canada.  Georgina married Amable Beaulieu August 30, 1870.  They had 11 children

  • Pierre Armand Beaulieu (Born: 1875)***
  • Delia Victoria Beaulieu (Born: 1872) 
  • Rose De Lima Beaulieu (Born: 1876)
  • Omer Beaulieu (Born: 1878)**
  • Marie Beaulieu (Born 1882)*
  • Lydia Beaulieu (Born: 1884)
  • Louis Amable Beaulieu (Born: 1885 died 1886)
  • Joseph Amable Beaulieu (Born: 1887 died 1887)
  • Delvina Alphonsine Beaulieu (Born: 1888)*
  • Elise Beaulieu (Born: 1890)*
  • Claudia Beaulieu (Born: 1893) *

*Census of 1901 Canada show Marie, (Delvina) Alphonsine, Elise and Claudia living with their parents. Delia was married to Magloire at that time and living in the States.

**Another Census of 1901 Canada shows an Omer Beaulieu 22 yrs. old married to a Marie 19 years old.  Omer is a  laborer. 

***Pierre Armand Beaulieu was married Nov. 19, 1906 at the age of 31 to Marie Rosa Scarbeau age 48 in Ontario, Canada daughter of Isaié Seguin and Mathilde Dutt.