May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day Past and Present

Delia Beaulieu Thibault
Nana Gerull, Mom, Nana Thibault
Catherine Roche Reynolds

Mary Ester Donovan Reynolds

May 7, 2012

Photos from Germany


German Solders M.W. Class April 18 (1918?)


May 6, 2012

The postcard

The depicted person, Heinz Gerull, sent this card to his brother Friedrich. The post card was written on 12 November 1916 in the town Ruß or vicinity (presumably). The card was postmarked on 13 November 1916 in RU.. (OSTPREUSSEN). The Canadian 2-Cents stamp was stuck on it later. I think that Friedrich and Heinz came from the area of the town Ruß.

Ruß, d. 12.11.16

Lieber Bruder!

Send Dir hiermit meine Photographie 
und wünsch gleichzeitig eine 
frohe Weihnacht.
Dein treuer Bruder Heinz.

Schönen Gruß von Vater u. Mutter.

Rusne, d. 12.11.16

Dear Brother,
Send you here withwith my photograph
and wish the same time Merry Christmas.
Your faithful brother Heinz.

Best wishes of father and mother.