July 9, 2013

The more things change the more they stay the same

Marguerite Bouchard born 10 May 1674 to Michel Bouchard and Marie Trottain had 4 children, all by different husbands of which only one she married.  Who is Marguerite Bouchard?  She is the daughter of our 9th Great Grandfather and sister of our 8th great grandfather and our 8th great grandmother Ettiene Bouchard and Marie Madeline Bouchard.  Ettiene is ancestor of Joseph Beaulieu while Marie Madeline is ancestor of Emily Berube wife of Joseph.

Marguerite's first child Jean Pierre Gagnon was born September 17, 1693 son of Jean Gagnon our 8th great grandfather.  Jean Gagnon was accused of giving Marguerite drugs to induce a miscarriage and of rape.    Whether or not this was true Jean Pierre was born and Jean Gagnon was ordered by the courts of the time to provide for him.  It appears that Jean Pierre never lived more than 20 days with his mother and was raised by a Nanny until he was 20 paid for by Jean Gagnon.  An agreement was drawn up February 27, 1694 before the notary Chambalon.

On October 19, 1696 Marguerite gave birth to a baby girl named Marie-Francois Dubroc.  She was the daughter of Francois Dubroc a merchant of Bayone who Marguerite was not married to.  On July 29, 1697 Marguerite married Francois Dutartre after an agreement is signed before the notary Chambalon whereby Dubroc Dutartre was to pay 300 pounds in return for which the latter agrees to take care of the little girl as if she was his own daughter.  On May 11, 1698 Marguerite again gives birth to a son Francois Dutartre.  Dutarte, however, never knew he has a son as he abandoned her for France where he remained for the rest of his life.  On July 13, 1709 in what seems to be a case of debt Marguerite states that Francois Dutartre had been absent from the country for 12 years.  Francois never lived up to his agreement before the notorary.

Her last child Jean-Baptiste (Guillaume) Soucy was born born July 21, 1704.  His father was William Soucy, a single son of Jean Soucy dit Lavigne and Jeanne Savonnet.  Jeanne Savonnet was our 8th Great Grandmother whose second husband was Damien Berube our 8th Great Grandfather.

All this makes us wonder about Marguerite.  What motivated her.  We know her father was a barkeep and her mother Marie Trottain (Trotin) was convicted with 2 other women of spanking a man.  Marie was also a "Kings Daughter", one of many girls who were sent over from France as marriageable women for the Canandian colonists.

Her sister Marie Madeleine married Pierre Dancoss (Dancause) when she was 14 and had 8 children before Pierre died.  She was engaged to François de Serre (Cyr) September 22, 1699 and gave birth to a baby girl Marie Anne Bouchard de Serre on June 17, 1700.  Tanguay states that the couple were never married, however the baptismal record she is the "fille de ( ) de serre & de Marie Madeleinne Bouchard veuve de feu (widow of) Pierre Dancosse...".  No first name and no indication that they weren't married.  No further records exist of Francois de Serre.  Did he die?  Did he run off?