July 2, 2010

Le Cat Holland

Le Cat Holland sailed in April, 1665 under the command of Master Charles Babin.  Amongst the passengers was our Francois Thibault.  After stops in Dieppe and Gaspe where soldiers from the West Indies , on the Breze , under the command of Monsieur de Tracy boarded Le Cat Holland finally arrived in Quebec on June 18, 1665.  Francois boarded Le Chat on March 31, 1665 in the afternoon.  Like 73 men who boarded committed for 3 years to Gaigneur Pierre , merchant of La Rochelle he did not sign.  This usually meant that he could neither read nor write at the time.  Francois was to be paid 75 pounds a year with a 30 pound advance.  He was 18 year of age.

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