January 22, 2011

Delia Beaulieu Thibault's Siblings

Delia Beaulieu (1872-1919), daughter of Amable and Georgina (Beaupre) Beaulieu had nine siblings, four brothers and five sisters.  We know a little more about four of them.

Pierre Beaulieu (1871-?).  Pierre married late in life (31) to a much older woman.  Her name was Marie Rosa Scarbeau and she was 48.  There were, obviously, no children to this marriage.

Madeleine Beaulieu

Omer Beaulieu (1878-?).  According to the 1900 Census Omer lived with his sister Delia and her family in Dedham, MA.  He was listed as being 20, having immigrated in 1898.  This could have been a language problem and 20 was the age he was when he came to the US. Omer married Sedulie Lavoie in 1905 in Quebec.  They had two children we know about.   One was Madeleine Beaulieu. She died at age 91 in 2008.  Madeleine married Cyrice Berube.  They had one daughter we could find, Clairmance Berube.  Clairmance married Daniel d'Astous and they had 3 children.  Dany, Danick, and Marie-HeleneMarie-Helene d'Astous married James Pelletier and had one son Jacob Pelletier. Danick married Genieve Blanchette,

Omer had one other child we know about, Clovis-Alphone Beaulieu.  Clovis-Alphone was born in 1919 and died in 1980.  Clovis married Gisele d'Astous (relation to Clairmance's husband unknown).   They had eight children;Georgette (married Normad Berger), Ferndinand (married Sylvie Théberge), Melita, Anonomye(1) (Oct. 10, 1950-Oct. 12, 1950), Gaston (married Columbe Gagnon), Anonomye(2) (April 27, 1953-April 28, 1953) Roger and  Isabelle.  It is Melita Beaulieu we know more about.  Melita married Armond d'Astous (relationship unknown) and had two children Sarah d'Astous and Sabastien d'Astous.

Elise Beaulieu (1890-1977)  Elise married a Leon Martin and had one child we know about.  Benoit Martin.   Benoit married Orise Rioux and had five children.  Carol Martin married Lyne Palmondon but we find no record of children.  Christine Martin married Dany Belzile and have three sons; Benoit-Alexa Belzile, Jean-Francois Belzile, and Pierre-Luc BelzileTherese Martin married Daniel Thibault (relationship not known).  Daniel was a widower and had two daughters Amelie and Noemie.  Therese and Daniel had another daughter Emma Thibault. Sylvain Martin married Johanne Garard and had two children Anne-Sophie Martin and Louis-David MartinBernard Martin was born October 5, 1955 and died January 25, 1956.

Marie Beaulieu (1883-?) - Marie married Joseph Gagnon in Nov. 18, 1901 in Rimouski.  They had 5 children Luce Gagnon married Hormidas Proulx, Rose de-Lima Gagnon married Octave Proulx, Joseph married Gabrielle Lavoie, Georgiane Gagnon married Isadore Thibault (yes he is a distant cousin of Magloire through Jean-Francois Thibault and Angelique Proulx), and an unknown son who married Madeleine Bernier.


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January 21, 2011

Children of Amable Beaulieu and Georgina Beaupre

  • Pierre Armand Beaulieu 1871 –
  • Delia Victoria Beaulieu 1872 – 1919
  • Rose De Lima Beaulieu 1876 –
  • Omer Beaulieu 1878 –
  • Marie Beaulieu 1883
  • Lydia Beaulieu 1884 –
  • Louis Amable Beaulieu 1885 – 1886
  • Joseph Amable Beaulieu 1887 – 1887
  • Delvina Alphonsine Beaulieu 1888 –
  • Elise Beaulieu 1890 – 1977
  • Claudia Beaulieu 1893 –

January 5, 2011

Eighth Generation Aunt

Fabien Thibault's oldest sister was Desanges Thibault.  Desanges was born 21 Mar 1830 in Trois-Pistoles.  She died on 26 Feb 1897 in Baie-des-Sables. 

Desanges married Louis Dion son of Jean-Baptiste Dion and Louise Lucie Harvey on 4 May 1857 in St-Fabien, Rimouski.  They had the following children:

  1. Desanges Dion was born in Mar 1858 in St-Fabien, Rimouski. She died on 2 Jun 1858 in St-Fabien, Rimouski. She was buried 1 on 4 Jun 1858 in St-Fabien, Rimouski.  
  2. Charles Dion. Charles married 1 Ursule Dutremble-Desrosiers daughter of Théotime Dutremble-Desrosiers and Rosalie Ruest on 12 Oct 1880 in Baie-des-Sables, Matane.  
  3. Claire Dion. Claire married 1 Zéphirin Lévesque son of Augustin Lévesque and Elmire Rioux on 10 Apr 1883 in Baie-des-Sables, Matane.  
  4. Elmire Dion was born in Feb 1861 in St-Fabien, Rimouski. She died on 18 Mar 1861 in St-Fabien, Rimouski. She was buried 1 on 20 Mar 1861 in St-Fabien, Rimouski.  
  5. Clarina Dion was born in Apr 1862 in St-Fabien, Rimouski. She died on 14 Sep 1862 in St-Fabien, Rimouski. She was buried 1 on 16 Sep 1862 in St-Fabien, Rimouski. 
  6. Magloire Dion. Magloire married Célina Mignault daughter of François-Xavier Mignault and Emlie Charette on 13 Sep 1887 in St-Octave, Mont-Joli.  
  7. Louis Dion was born in Apr 1864 in St-Fabien, Rimouski. He died on 9 May 1864 in St-Fabien, Rimouski. He was buried 1 on 11 May 1864 in St-Fabien, Rimouski.  
  8. Apolline Dion. Apolline married 1 Joseph Migneault son of Joseph Mignault and Delvina Fournier on 3 May 1886 in Baie-des-Sables, Matane. 
  9.  Joseph Dion. Joseph married 1 Alzire Paquet daughter of Antoine Paquet and Constance Aubé on 16 Nov 1891 in Ste-Thérèse-d'Avilla, Ste-Thérèse.