April 29, 2010

More on the Second Generation

Francois Thibault was noted as being a domestique of a Robert Pare.  This is the Robert Plant who Francois was indentured to.  He came over from France on the Le Cat de Holland.

François Thibault, 18, committed, servant, is identified in Beaupré in 1666 by Robert Pare. The following year, he has not moved. On October 14, 1670, married at St. Anne de Beaupre,  Elisabeth Lefebvre. They have twelve children. In the census of 1681, François Thibault, 34, is living in Berthier-en-Bas. Francois Thibault was baptized at The Fleet, in the church of St. Catherine, Friday, June 28, 1647, with godparents Tibaut Francis and Mary Gautier. His parents, Louis Thibault & Renee Gauthier, were married in this church Thursday, October 29, 1643.

As we mentioned earlier, Robert Paré decided to work at farming. By the beginning of 1667, he had 7 head of cattle in his stable and 20 arpents of cleared land on his farm. He was indeed a success! He had obtained the services of an indentured person, Francois Thibault, originally from Sainte-Catherine de la Flotte on the Ile de Ré. This François worked at least 3 years on Robert’s farm; then he married at Sainte-Anne on 14 October 1670. His descendants are numerous in the region of Montmagny. In the census of 1681 it was recorded that Paré had fourteen animals in the stables, 30 arpents of land under cultivation and 4 guns that were ready and waiting for the moment to shoot wild game and birds.

and from the contract of marriage (Francois)

"Were present in person their son Francois Thibault Louis Thibault of the major town of Fleet parish of St. Catherine in the Isle of Ré and Renee Gauthier's father and mother on one hand and daughter Elizabeth Lefebvre Guillaume Lefebvre and deffunt Barbara Viot residing in Paris parish of St. Gervais.

"The bride said it was brought into the community until the sum of two hundred pounds, half of which come at the said community and the other half will serve her own nature and his family on his side and lined.

"And also the sum of fifty pounds which his Majesty gave her account of her marriage to him will also own nature to her and hers on his side and lineage.

"Done in Quebec in the said house of the said lady Gasnier, one thousand six hundred seventy afternoon, the third day of October.
The marriage of Francois Thibault and Elizabeth Agnes Lefebvre, was recorded October 14, 1670 at the Sainte-Anne-du-Petit-Cap. (3)

"The year of our Lord Jesus Christ on 14 October 1670, after publication of the benches of marriage and permission of Bishop Despétrie other. I received their mutual consent not having found no impediment between Francis and Elizabeth Thibault agnes. And in the presence of several witnesses, and across from the Holy Church, John Caron, and Pierre Robert Pare Piccard inhabitants of Ste-Anne.

F. Fillion missionary priest

Morin priest.

Commemorative Plaque Saint Catherine in the Île de Ré http://homepage.mac.com/benoit.ladouceur/michel/ancetrethibault.html


We are related to some famous people.  Celine Dion, Camilla Parker Bowles, Angela Jolie, Madonna, Mario Lemieux, even (ugh) Hilary Clinton.  Ok that's my commentary and maybe not how some of you might feel.   Go here http://www.nosorigines.qc.ca/genealogieSearch.aspx?lng=en and search for your name (last then first) and jot down your file #.  Now go here http://www.nosorigines.qc.ca/genealogyLinker.aspx?lng=en and plug your file # in the first or second box then click on one of the pictures to do some comparisons.  Hey, we're also related to the Prime Minister of Canada and Ellen Degeneres.

April 28, 2010

Distant "Out" Laws

Excerpt from Before the King's Daughters: The Filles à Marier, 1634-1662

By Peter J. Gagné

Banne, Gillette

Gillette Banne was born about 1636 in Argences (arrondissement of Caen, diocese of Bayeux), Normandy, daughter of Marin Banne and Isabelle Boire or Bour.

She came to Canada in or before 1649.

About 1649, Gillette married Marin Chauvin dit Lafortune in Trois-Rivières.

Marin is from Le Mesnil in the parish of Saint-Médard-de-Réno (canton of Tourouvre, arrondissement of Mortagne), Perche.1 On 08 March 1648 in Tourouvre, notary Choiseau drew up an enlistment contract for Marin to go to New France in the service of Noël Juchereau (see Appendix). Pierre Juchereau acted as agent on behalf of his brother, enlisting Marin for three years at the salary of 40 livres per year, with an advance of 10 livres . This low salary may be due to the fact that Marin was an unskilled laborer.

Gillette and Marin had a daughter, Marie, who was baptized 08 September 1650 at Trois-Rivières. She was to be their only child, for Marin Chauvin died at Trois-Rivières some time before 07 June 1651, when Monsieur d.Ailleboust granted Gillette of an arpent in the town site of Trois-Rivières, between Sébastien Dodier on the southwest and the palisade on the northeast, on the condition that she build a house and have it re-enclosed with a good fence.

In 1653, Gillette married Jacques Bertault in Trois-Rivières. Neither spouse could sign the marriage contract drawn up 27 July by notary Ameau. A locksmith, Jacques was born about 1626 in Les Essars (arrondissement of La Roche-sur-Yon, diocese of Luçon), Poitou, the son of merchant Thomas Bertault and Catherine Coulonne.

He and Gillette had six children. Son Jacques was baptized at Trois-Rivières 25

November 1654, followed by Marguerite (21 December 1655) and Suzanne (18

December 1657). Élisabeth-Thérèse was baptized 23 January 1659, followed by Jeanne (29 March 1660) and Nicolas (26 February 1662). Gillette Banne was confirmed 22 May 1664 at Trois-Rivières. Sadly, son Jacques died some time before the 1666 census. Daughter Élisabeth married Julien Latouche on 12 August 1671. While Élisabeth was a mere 12 years old, her husband was 30. Latouche was unsuccessful at farming his land at Trois-Rivières, and Jacques and Gillette often had to send food to the couple or have Élisabeth come eat with them. What is more, Latouche allegedly beat Élisabeth. The beatings and failure at farming were both apparently the result of heavy drinking on the part of Latouche. And so, with the apparent knowledge and complicity of their daughter, Gillette and Jacques poisoned their son-in-law Julien Latouche.

1 Two men named Marin Chauvin that could possibly be the one here were baptized at Saint-Médard. The first was baptized 24 February 1609, the son of Jean Chauvin (mother.s name omitted). The second (and more likely one) was baptized 16 March 1625, the son of Nicolas Chauvin and Catherine Piedgars

Both Gillette Banne and Jacques Bertault were sentenced to death by the criminal court of Québec City for the murder of their son-in-law. They appealed to the Conseil Souverain . Élisabeth was also found guilty of the crime, but did not appeal to the Conseil Souverain . The Council rejected the appeal and sentenced Gillette and Jacques to be hanged. Before the hanging, they were to have a rope attached to their necks and be lead . nu en chemise . with a torch in their hands to the doors of the church, where they were to kneel and beg forgiveness for their crimes to God and the King. They were then to be hanged upon scaffolds set up in the Grande Place in the haute ville . In addition, Jacques was to have his arms and legs broken with a rod, which Gillette and Élisabeth were forced to witness before Gillette.s execution. After his execution, Jacques. body was to be displayed on a wheel at the Cap-aux-Diamants to serve as an example. All three were collectively sentenced to a fine of 60 livres , half to be paid to the Récollets to pray for the repose of the victim.s soul and half to the King, with the remainder of their property to be confiscated by the State. And so Gillette Banne and Jacques Bertault were executed in Québec City at four o.clock in the afternoon on 09 June 1672.

Given her age, the Conseil Souverain took pity on Élisabeth and only sentenced her to make a public apology and to be a witness to the execution of her parents. The Council also decreed that the surplus of the confiscated property (after court costs) would be given to Nicolas and Jacques Bertault, minor children of Gillette and Jacques.

Eleventh Generation

Joseph John Thibault (1930-2009) born 4 Jan 1930 in Dedham, MA died 11 December 2009. Married Helen E. Thibault April 11, 1953. Helen was born in November 1929. They had 6 children
  1. M. Thibault - born 1954
  2. J. Thibault - born 1955
  3. M. Thibault - born 1959
  4. J. Thibault - born 1960
  5. A.. Thibault - born 1962
  6. L. Thibault - born 1967

Tenth Generation

Joseph John Thibault (1897-1948) was born June 1897 in Dedham, MA.  He married Mary Alice O'Neil date unknown.  Mary Alice was born 24 February 1901 and died June 1971.  They had 3 children

Claire F. Thibault  born 15 Apr 1923 died 16 Jun 1997 married Thomas J. Millin

Joseph John Thibault, Jr
Joseph John Thibault - birth 4 January 1930 died 11 December 2009 married Helen  born 1929-(eleventh generation)

Laura Thibault - birth not available still living married Peter D'Amelio

Ninth Generation

Magloire Thibault (1867-1958) was born 20 January 1867 in Bai de Sables Quebec, Canada.  He married Delia Beaulieu in Fall River on October 19 1891.  Delia was born 17 Dec 1872 and died 13 May 1919 of a burst appendix.  Magloire died 8 Jan 1958.  They had 7(?) Children

  1. Delia Grace Thibault born 15 November 1892 died February 5, 1947 married Ora Darling (1910) and William Sullivan (about 1914)
  2. Magloire Thibault born 1 November 1893 died 4 September 1894 
  3. Lyda R Thibault born 1896 died January 20, 1957 married Joseph Conroy
  4. Joseph John Thibault born June 1897 died November 1948 married Mary Alice O'Neil (tenth generation)
  5. Laura Thibault born 1899 died November 1918 ruptured appendix
  6. John Thibault 2 September 1903-29 October 1903 (buried in Dedham Cemetery)
  7. Arlene (Mary-Alice?) born 14 Dec. 1908 died 1958 married John Coolidge (1927)

Eighth Generation

Fabien Thibault (1841-1899) was born on 6 Nov 1841 in St-Simon, Rimouski. He was christened 1 on 21 Nov 1841 in St-Simon, Rimouski. He died on 17 Apr 1899 in Baie-des-Sables. He married  Emilie Gendron daughter of Bénoni Gendron and Adélaïde Morin on 1 Sep 1862 in Baie-des-Sables, Matane Ouest. Emilie died in 1875.They had the following 7 children:

  1. Joseph Thibault was born on 27 Sep 1863 in Baie-des-Sables. He was christened on 28 Sep 1863 in Baie-des-Sables.
  2. Magloire Thibault. Magloire married Victoria Beaulieu daughter of Amabilis Beaulieu and Georgina Beaupré in Oct 1891 in St-Matthew, Fall River, MA. (ninth generation) 
  3. Eliza Thibault. Eliza married 1 Olivier Talon son of Télesphore Talon and Flavie Boulanger on 10 Jan 1892 in St-Matthew, Fall River, MA.
  4. Cyrille Thibault
  5. Elmire Thibault was born on 29 Aug 1872 in Baie-des-Sables. She was christened on 2 Sep 1872 in Baie-des-Sables. She died on 20 Mar 1947 in Montréal. She was buried on 24 Mar 1947 in Repos St-François-d'Assise. Elmire married 1 Adhémar Bellavance Gagné son of Hubert Gagné and Louise Marcoux on 17 Jul 1900 in St-Germain, Rimouski.
  6. Jean-Baptiste Thibault was born on 16 Apr 1874 in Baie-des-Sables. He was christened on 16 Apr 1874 in Baie-des-Sables.
  7. Pauline Thibault

Fabien married  Célina Deschenes daughter of Benoit Deschênes and Louise Lévesque on 8 Jul 1879 in Baie-des-Sables, Matane Ouest. Célina was born in Baie-des-Sables.  They had the following children:
  1. Aurielle Thibault born after 1881 died on 12 Oct 1940 in Montréal. She was buried on 15 Oct 1940 in Repos St-François-d'Assise. Aurélie married Napoléon Laporte son of Jean-Baptiste Laporte and Edwidge Savaria.
  2. Fabien Thibault was born on 5 Jan 1880 in Rimouski, Quebec (1881 Canadian Census). He died on 25 Oct 1931 in St-Germain,Rimouski. He was buried on 28 Oct 1931 in St-Germain,Rimouski. Fabien married  Emilienne Anne-Emilie Lepage daughter of Louis-Jacques Lepage and Georgiana Bouillon on 25 Jan 1910 in St-Germain, Rimouski. Emilienne was born on 24 Aug 1882 in Rimouski.
Fabien married Claire Banville daughter of Louis Banville and Domithilde Lévesque on 5 Aug 1884 in Baie des Sables, Matane-Ouest.

Seventh Generation

Hilaire Thibault (1804-)  was born in 22 April 1804.   He married Basillisse Rioux on 18 February 1828 in Trois-Pistoles, Canada.  Basillisse was born 25 December 1805 in Trois-Pistoles.  They had 15 children 4 died in infancy
  1. Hilarion Thibault 4 Jan 1829 in Trois-Pistoles Florence Gagné
  2. Desanges Thibault born on 21 Mar 1830 died on 26 Feb 1897 marriedLouis Dion
  3. Magloire Thibault was born on 17 Mar 1831 in St-Fabien, Rimouski. He was christened on 18 Mar 1831 in St-Fabien, Rimouski.
  4. Jean-Baptiste Thibault born on 19 Apr 1832 married M.-Anne Gagnon
  5. Théophile Thibault born on 11 Oct 1833  married Célina Michaud
  6. Marcel Thibault born on 29 Mar 1835 married Sara Métayer
  7. François Thibault born on 2 May 1836 married Marie Caron
  8. Michel Thibault was born on 8 May 1837 in S.-Simon, Rimouski. He was christened 1 on 9 May 1837 in S.-Simon, Rimouski. He died on 3 Jun 1837 in S.-Simon, Rimouski. He was buried 2 on 5 Jun 1837 in S.-Simon, Rimouski.
  9. Honoré Thibault born 26 May 1838 in St-Simon, Rimouski married 13 Aug 1863   Basilice Marquis
  10. Ferdinand Thibault born on 24 Jul 1839 married Philomène Lévesque
  11. Sara Thibault born on 14 Nov 1840 married Felix PIerre Dastous
  12. Fabien Thibault born born on 6 Nov 1841 died on 17 Apr 1899 married Emilie Gendron (eighth generation) 
  13. Pierre Thibault was born on 7 May 1843 in St-Simon, Rimouski. He was christened 1 on 14 May 1843 in St-Simon, Rimouski.
  14. Napoléon Thibault was born on 14 Dec 1845 in Trois-Pistoles. He was christened 1 on 17 Dec 1845 in Trois-Pistoles.  Napoléon married 1 Délima Ross daughter of Paul Ross and Delima Banville on 12 Feb 1872 in Ste-Flavie, Mont-Joli.
  15. Appoline Pauline born on 24 Mar 1847 died 19 Sep 1904 married Cyrille Pineau

Sixth Generation

Hilarion Thibault (1772-) was born 21 October 1772  in L'Islet-sur-Mer, Canada.  He married Marthe-Therese Lefebvre on 25 November 1794 at the  Notre-Dame-du-Bon-Secours, L'Islet-sur-Mer, Quebec.  Marthe-Therese was born 09 November 1774 in L'Islet-sur-Mer.  Her date of death is unknown.   They had 13 children.  Hilarion date of death is also unknown.

  1. Euphorisine Thibault born 1798 died 20 May 1837  married Honorie Fournier
  2. Francois Thibault born 28 May 1799 died 26 Mar 1877 married Francoise Fortin and Marcelline LaVoie
  3. Hilarion-Hilarie Thibault born 1800 death unknown married
    Angele Vaillancourt
  4. Louis-Marie Thibault born 1801 death unknown married Marie-Soulange Gauvin
  5. Hilaire Thibault born 1803 death unknown married Basillisse Rioux (seventh generation)
  6. Marcelline Thibault born 1804 death 14 Feb 1877 married Celestin Villancourt
  7. Chrysostome Thibault born 07 Oct 1806 death unknown no known marriage
  8. Chrysologue Thibault born 14 Sep 1808 death unknown married Marie-Josephe
  9. Joseph Thibault 1809 died 1 May 1889 married Angele Cote
  10. Angelique Thibault born 15 May 1810 death unknown no known marriage
  11. Dominique Thibault 23 Jun 1811 death unknown marriage unknown
  12. Denis-Gabriel Thibault 04 Oct 1812 death unkown marriage unknown
  13. Isabelle (Elizabeth?)Thibault born 12 Sep 1814 death 08 Dec 1832 marriage Isaac Villancourt
Joseph Thibault
daughter M.-Angèle Thibault

Though Genealogy of Canada does not list Joseph as a son, I believe it is mistaken as it lists an Isabelle who is Mary-Elisabeth or just Elisabeth.  My information is based on http://nantibo.philgay.qc.ca/fel/pafg15.htm#17678  and the pictures posted in pictures on the Genealogy of Canada site in the photos section that referred to Joseph.

Fifth Generation

Charles-Francois Thibault(1746-1796) was born 06 Jan 1746 in L'Islet Canada.  He  married Marie-Louise-Elisabeth Leclerc on 29 Jan 1796 in L'Islet-sur-Mer, Quebec.  Marie-Louise was born 04 November 1750  in L'Islet, it is unknown when she died.  Charles-Francois and Marie-Louise had 10 children, all who lived to be married.  Charles died on 29 January 1796 at the age of 50 having never left L'Islet. 

  1. Charles-Francois Thibault born 03 Aug 1769 married Madeleine Labbe
  2. Hilarion Thibault born 21 Oct 1772 married Marthe-Therese Lefebvre (sixth generation)
  3. Louis-Marie Thibault born 24 May 1774 married Francoisse Thibault* unverified last name 
  4. Marie Thibault born 10 Feb 1776 married Pierre-Francois Couillard
  5. Gabriel Thibault born 27 Jul 1777 married Modeste Dube
  6. Pierre Thibault born 06 May 1779 married Catherine Chouinard
  7. Moise-Michel Thibault born 17 Aug 1782 married Charlotte Dube
  8. Scholastique Thibault born 23 Apr 1784 married Jean-Baptiste Leblanc
  9. Euphrosine Thibault born 27 May 1786 married Jean-Baptiste Labbe
  10. Francoise Thibault born 26 Aug 1787 Pierre Thibault (Francois & Pierre are 2nd cousins)

The sixth Generation is missing dates of death

Fourth Generation

Francois-Joseph Thibault (1713-1792) was born 19 November 1713 in L'Islet Canada and died 04 October 1792 in L'Islet Canada.  He was married to  Claire Jean, 13 February 1714 in L'Islet Canada on  29 October 1738 also in L'Islet Canada.    Jean died 13 July 1791, L'Islet Canada.  Francois-Joseph and Jean had 9 children.

  1. Marie-Claire Thibault born 22 Aug 1739 death unknown married Jean-Francois Belanger and  Jean-BaptisteLeclerc
  2. M.-Geneviève Thibault was born on 19 Aug 1741 in L'Islet. She was christened on 21 Aug 1741 in L'Islet. She was buried on 27 Mar 1742 in L'Islet.   
  3. M.-Geneviève Thibault was born on 16 Feb 1743 in L'Islet. She was christened on 16 Feb 1743 in L'Islet.
  4. Charles-Francois Thibault born 06 Jan 1746 died 29 Jan 1796 married Marie-Louise-Elisabeth Leclerc (fifth Generation)
  5. Marie-Elisabeth Thibault born 10 Nov 1749 death unknown married Ignace-Francois Fortin
  6. Germain Thibault  
  7. M.-Romaine Thibault   
  8. M.-Victoire Thibault was born on 2 Jul 1755 in L'Islet. She was christened on 3 Jul 1755 in L'Islet. She died on 22 Jul 1810 in St-Jean-Port-Joli.  
  9. M.-Desanges Thibault was born on 15 May 1757 in L'Islet

Third Generation

Jean-Francois Thibault (1675-1760) was born 16 December 1675 in Cap-St-Ignace, Canada. He was a farmer.  He married Marie-Anne Guimond on 28 July 1704 in Cap-St-Ignace, Quebec, Canada.  Marie-Anne was born 09 July 1686  in Cap-St.Ignace, Canada and died 07 January 1705 in L'Islet, Canada.  Jean-Francois and Marie-Anne had no children.  Jean-Francois went on to marry Angelique Proulx on 12 December 1705.  Angelique was just 17 and sister-in-law to his brother Jacques-Francois.  They had 16 children, 3 died living less than one month and another lived less than three months. Jean-Francois died 27 Jan 1760.

1.  Angelique-Elisabeth Thibault born 1706 died unknown married Jean-Baptiste Cloutier and Francois Janot
2.   Marguerite Thibault born 25 Sep 1707 died 21 Jun 1782 married Ignace Belanger
3.   Jean-Francois Thibault born 04 Jan 1709 died 27 Mar 1777 married Genevieve Cloutier
4.   Madeleine Thibault born 05 Oct 1710 died unknown married Charles Gaudreau 
5.   Felicite Thibault born 07 Apr 1712 died 1756 married Jean-Baptiste Vaillancourt
6.   Francois-Joseph Thibault born 19 Nov 1713 died 04 Oct 1792 married Claire Jean (Fourth Generation)
7.   Brigitte Thibault born 03 Aug 1715 died 28 Aug 1715 (less than a month old)
8.   Joseph Thibault born 24 July 1716 died unknown married Marie-Clothilde Pelletier
9.   Scolastique Thibault born 22 Apr 1718 died 19 Mar 1777 married  Joachim Gamache
10. Pierre Thibault born 26 Jan 1720 died unknown married Rose Pelletier
11. Louis-Andre Thibault born 31 Aug 1721 died 19 Nov 1721 (less than a month old)
12. Jacques-Lambert Thibault born 13 Sep 1722 died 18 Dec 1755 married Marie-Anne Lebel
13. Louis-Andre Thibault born 31 Aug 1721 died 19 Nov 1721  (lived less than 3 months)
14. Alexis-Bonaventure Thibault born 19 Aug 1726 died 03 Sep 1726 (less than a month old)
15. Charles-Francois Thibault born 19 Jul 1728 died 26 Jan 1777 married  Angelique-Archange Cloutier and Louise-Elisabeth  Leclerc
16. Angelique-Dorothee Thibault 01 May 1732 died unknown married Michael Cloutier

Second Generation

Francois Thibault was born 28 June 1647 in La Flotte, Charente-Maritime.  He was a domestic of Robert Pare.  Francois married Elizabeth-Agnes Lefebvre on 14 October 1670 in St. Anne de Beaupre, Canada.  Elizabeth was contracted to marry a Nicholas Nauteau (see Kings Daughters) but had the contract annulled on 28 July 1670. (It appears that Nicolas Nateau married Elizabeth's sister Isabella Agnes) They had 13 children

1.  Elisabeth born 16 Mar 1673 died 14 Jun 1756 married  Jacques Belanger and Martin Rousseau
2.  Louis Thibault was born on 18 Mar 1674 in Québec. He was christened on 19 Mar 1674 in Québec. He died on 19 Mar 1674 in Québec.
3.  Jean-Francois Thibault born 16 Dec 1675 died 27 Jan 1760 married  Marie-Anne Guimond and Angelique Proulx (third generation)
4.  Jacques-Francois Thibault born  10 Feb 1678 died 31 Mar 1755 married Marie-Anne-Barbe Proulx
5.  Marie-Anne Thibault born 13 Apr 1680 10 May 1733  married Louis Cloutier
6.  Genevieve Thibault born 28 Mar 1682 died 14 Feb 1726 married Jean-Francois Belanger
7.  Anne Thibault born 06 May 1684 died 25 April 1736 married Jean Dumay
8.  Angelique Thibault born 15 Feb 1686 died 08 Feb 1736 married Michel Migner
9.  Madeleine Thibault born 20 Apr 1688 died Feb 1777 married Charles Gaudreau 
10.  Barbe Thibault born 21 May 1690 died before 1719 married Nicolas Fournier

child of Barbe & Nicholas was Jean-Baptist born 21 October 1714 died 21 October 1714
Nicholas Fournier remarried in 1719 Genevieve Langlois.  Barbe died between 1714 and 1718
11. Joseph Thibault born 5 October 1692 Died 21 October 1692
In autumn 1692, Sunday, Oct. 5, was born a boy named Joseph. He was baptized on 17 according to Cap-St-Ignace, the priest Francheville Pierre, who noted the presence of Jacques Belanger, uncle and godfather, and Francoise Miville, the godmother and Pierre Richard. Unfortunately, the child died a few days later on 21. Present at the funeral of Francois Thibault and Philippe Troismaisons. The ceremony is presided over by the priest Pierre Francheville .. (Bulletin of the Association of Thibault, Volume 7, Winter 1994k, page 21, by Yvon Thibault).
12. Joseph Thibault born 8 September 1693 died 9 September 1693

At the end of the summer of 1693, Tuesday, Sept. 8, was born a boy named Joseph in honor of his deceased brother. He was baptized the next day at Cape St. Ignatius, the priest Francheville Pierre, who noted the presence of Eustache Fortin, the sponsor, Antoinette Grenier, godmother, and Jacques Bernier. (Association Newsletter The Thibault, Volume 7, Winter 1994, page 21, by Yvon Thibault).

13. Louis Thibault born 18 Dec 1695 died 20 Feb 1765 married Cecile Fournier

First Generation

Louis Thibault (1615-1621-) was born about 1615 1621 in Ste. Catherine, Aunis, France.   He married Renee Gauthier on 29 October 1643 in Ile de Re, St. Catherine, France.  Renee Gauthier was born about 1615 in Ste. Catherine, Anus, France


  Francois Thibault born  28 June 1647 died 10 November 1724 married Elisabeth-Agnes Lefebvre
  unknown if they had other children

Update:  Louis was born in 1621 not 1615.