March 17, 2012

Mayflower Descendant

This week my husband was approved by the Mayflower Society for a line to Giles Hawkins and Stephen Hawkins, passengers on the Mayflower in 1620.  The line is as follows

            Elizabeth Doggett
               Lathrop Doggett
                  Priscilla Freeman
                      Experience Knowles
                          Mary Hopkins
                                Elisha Hopkins
                                     Joshua Hopkins
                                         Giles Hopkins
                                              Stephen Hopkins

..and though not fully verified by the Mayflower Society it can be said that there is also a line to William and Mary Brewster as well since we have verification to Mary Hopkins whose husband was Corneilus Knowles.  Corneilus  Knowles' father was Lt. Richard Knowles who mother was Mercy Freeman.  Mercy Freeman's mother was Mercy Prence.  Mercy Prence's mother was Patience Brewster daughter of William and Mary Brewster.

    Corneilus Knowles m. Mary Hopkins
       Lt. Richard Knowles
          Mercy Freeman
                Mercy Prence
                   Patience Brewster
                      William and Mary Brewster