August 30, 2013

Presidential Relationships

When one thinks of being related to a President you might think it's through Mayflower passengers since it seems many Presidents are descendants of the Mayflower but I recently found that my husband is related to the Bush's through John Horton and Mehitable Garnsey. He is 8th cousin to the senior George and 8th cousin 1x removed from George Walker Bush. John Horton is descendant of one of the original Horton's to come from Mowsley, Leicestershire, England. Who are you related to?

August 1, 2013

Dead Ends Become New Roads

When you think you've discovered all you can you find out,  there are new leads.  If you think your ancestor came over alone, think again.   I was at a dead end, not knowing our great great grandmothers last name.  By the marriage certificate of our great grandfather James Arthur Keefe and Mary A. Lynch we knew his father was Arthur Keefe and his mother was Honora G.  No last name.  His death certificate provided no additional information as it didn't list his mother at all.  Dead end?  Nope.  We knew Arthur was born in Ireland and came over around 1871.  We knew he was born about 1850.  We knew where he married and where he lived and where he died.  Ok so what?  Well search Keefe born between 1845 and 1855 living in the two places that Arthur lived.  Plug in parents as Arthur Keefe and Honora.  Up pops a Margaret Keefe who died in 1904 who married a James Hartnett.  Look at her death certificate and her parents are listed as Arthur Keefe and Honora Grady.  Did we just find James' sister?  Look at her marriage certificate and she got married in the same town as James and Mary.   Looks like, indeed, we did find his sister and in turn found our Great Grandmother.