July 7, 2010

Confusion Reigns - Intermarriages

Filling in the blanks of family members you often get totally confused as you remember seeing these names before. You have a right to your confusion as intermarriages reign. To show an example, my great great great Grandmother Emilie Berube wife of Joseph Hudon-Beaulieu has the name Levesque in her tree. They all eventually connect 6 generations up but some connect even earlier adding to the confusion.

Tree 1 - ¹Emilie - ²Charles Felix Berube, jr - ³Charles Felix Berube, Sr - Marie Madeline Levesque - Francois-Robert Levesque - Robert Levesque

Tree 2 - ¹Emilie - ²Marie Charlotte Hudon dit Beaulieu (m. Charles Felix Berube) - ³Marie Francoise Gagnon - Madeleine Hudon-Beaulieu - Genevieve Levesque - Pierre Jochim - Robert Levesque

Tree 3 - ¹Emilie - ²Charles Felix Berube, jr - ³Marie Rosalie Levesque m. Charles Felix Berube, Sr - Joseph Levesque - Pierre Jochim - Robert Levesque

But wait, there is more. Notice in Tree 2 Hudon-Beaulieu? Yep Emilie and her husband are related. Pierre Hudon dit Beaulieu and Marie Gobeil are 4th generation Great Grandparents of both Emilie and Joseph Hudon-Beaulieu plus Emilie is twice related  to Pierre & Marie. Emilie's Grandfather Francois is second cousin once removed from Madeline Hudon-Beaulieu her Grandmother's mother.

Tree A - ¹Joseph Hudon Beaulieu (m. Emily) - ²Joseph Sr., ³Pierre - Joseph - Nicholas - Pierre & Marie Gobeil

Tree B - ¹Emilie Berube (m. Joseph) - ²Marie Charlotte Hudon Beaulieu (m. Charles, Jr) - ³Francois Gregoire - Joseph Basile, Jean Bernard - Pierre & Marie Gobeil

Tree C - ¹Emiliy Berube (m.Joseph) - ²Marie Charlotte Hudon Beaulieu (m. Charles, Jr) - ³Marie Francoise Gagnon (m. Francois Gregoire in Tree B) - Madeline Hudon-Beaulieu - Louis Charles - Pierre & Marie Gobeil

Trees 2 & 3 Genevieve Levesque is sister of Joseph Levesque and therefore Charles Jr. and his wife Marie Charlotte are related as 2nd Cousins once removed I think.

Confused yet? I am.

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