November 4, 2011

Coming to Amerikay

Patrick O'Conner was born about 1805 in Ireland he married Bridget McNamara sometime before 1830.  Their first child was a daughter named Anne.  She was born before 1830.  She is my great great grandmother.  Anne had at least 5 siblings 4 of whom were born in Ireland.  Edward was born about 1836, Bridget 1837, Patrick 1840, and Alexander in 1846 all in Ireland.  Lastly, Mary was born in 1849 in  Vermont.  This puts the time of immigration between 1846 and 1849.  1847 was the beginning of the Potato Blight.  Given that there was such a large number of years between Anne's birth and Edwards, it is quite possible that there were other children who died, perhaps during the Irish famine or perhaps they died in route to the US.   We can find no record of where the O'Conner's may have come from in Ireland but they first show up in the 1850 Census in Newbury, Vermont.   Anne was not listed with them, instead she was found in Walpole, NH.  Anne was next found in 1860 in Rockingham, VT having wed Thomas Lynch.  Thomas Lynch was born in 1830 in Limerick Co. Ireland.

There are no records of a family of O'Conner's arriving by boat in America, perhaps they came in through Canada as during the Famine many families were thrown out of their homes and lands by landlords who packed them off on boats to Canada where the families then made their way to the US.  Chicago and Vermont were common areas where the Irish entered as the states bordered the US.

Reading:  Galloway Bay Mary Pat Kelly