April 28, 2010

Sixth Generation

Hilarion Thibault (1772-) was born 21 October 1772  in L'Islet-sur-Mer, Canada.  He married Marthe-Therese Lefebvre on 25 November 1794 at the  Notre-Dame-du-Bon-Secours, L'Islet-sur-Mer, Quebec.  Marthe-Therese was born 09 November 1774 in L'Islet-sur-Mer.  Her date of death is unknown.   They had 13 children.  Hilarion date of death is also unknown.

  1. Euphorisine Thibault born 1798 died 20 May 1837  married Honorie Fournier
  2. Francois Thibault born 28 May 1799 died 26 Mar 1877 married Francoise Fortin and Marcelline LaVoie
  3. Hilarion-Hilarie Thibault born 1800 death unknown married
    Angele Vaillancourt
  4. Louis-Marie Thibault born 1801 death unknown married Marie-Soulange Gauvin
  5. Hilaire Thibault born 1803 death unknown married Basillisse Rioux (seventh generation)
  6. Marcelline Thibault born 1804 death 14 Feb 1877 married Celestin Villancourt
  7. Chrysostome Thibault born 07 Oct 1806 death unknown no known marriage
  8. Chrysologue Thibault born 14 Sep 1808 death unknown married Marie-Josephe
  9. Joseph Thibault 1809 died 1 May 1889 married Angele Cote
  10. Angelique Thibault born 15 May 1810 death unknown no known marriage
  11. Dominique Thibault 23 Jun 1811 death unknown marriage unknown
  12. Denis-Gabriel Thibault 04 Oct 1812 death unkown marriage unknown
  13. Isabelle (Elizabeth?)Thibault born 12 Sep 1814 death 08 Dec 1832 marriage Isaac Villancourt
Joseph Thibault
daughter M.-Angèle Thibault

Though Genealogy of Canada does not list Joseph as a son, I believe it is mistaken as it lists an Isabelle who is Mary-Elisabeth or just Elisabeth.  My information is based on http://nantibo.philgay.qc.ca/fel/pafg15.htm#17678  and the pictures posted in pictures on the Genealogy of Canada site in the photos section that referred to Joseph.

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