April 29, 2010

More on the Second Generation

Francois Thibault was noted as being a domestique of a Robert Pare.  This is the Robert Plant who Francois was indentured to.  He came over from France on the Le Cat de Holland.

François Thibault, 18, committed, servant, is identified in Beaupré in 1666 by Robert Pare. The following year, he has not moved. On October 14, 1670, married at St. Anne de Beaupre,  Elisabeth Lefebvre. They have twelve children. In the census of 1681, François Thibault, 34, is living in Berthier-en-Bas. Francois Thibault was baptized at The Fleet, in the church of St. Catherine, Friday, June 28, 1647, with godparents Tibaut Francis and Mary Gautier. His parents, Louis Thibault & Renee Gauthier, were married in this church Thursday, October 29, 1643.

As we mentioned earlier, Robert Paré decided to work at farming. By the beginning of 1667, he had 7 head of cattle in his stable and 20 arpents of cleared land on his farm. He was indeed a success! He had obtained the services of an indentured person, Francois Thibault, originally from Sainte-Catherine de la Flotte on the Ile de Ré. This François worked at least 3 years on Robert’s farm; then he married at Sainte-Anne on 14 October 1670. His descendants are numerous in the region of Montmagny. In the census of 1681 it was recorded that Paré had fourteen animals in the stables, 30 arpents of land under cultivation and 4 guns that were ready and waiting for the moment to shoot wild game and birds.

and from the contract of marriage (Francois)

"Were present in person their son Francois Thibault Louis Thibault of the major town of Fleet parish of St. Catherine in the Isle of Ré and Renee Gauthier's father and mother on one hand and daughter Elizabeth Lefebvre Guillaume Lefebvre and deffunt Barbara Viot residing in Paris parish of St. Gervais.

"The bride said it was brought into the community until the sum of two hundred pounds, half of which come at the said community and the other half will serve her own nature and his family on his side and lined.

"And also the sum of fifty pounds which his Majesty gave her account of her marriage to him will also own nature to her and hers on his side and lineage.

"Done in Quebec in the said house of the said lady Gasnier, one thousand six hundred seventy afternoon, the third day of October.
The marriage of Francois Thibault and Elizabeth Agnes Lefebvre, was recorded October 14, 1670 at the Sainte-Anne-du-Petit-Cap. (3)

"The year of our Lord Jesus Christ on 14 October 1670, after publication of the benches of marriage and permission of Bishop Despétrie other. I received their mutual consent not having found no impediment between Francis and Elizabeth Thibault agnes. And in the presence of several witnesses, and across from the Holy Church, John Caron, and Pierre Robert Pare Piccard inhabitants of Ste-Anne.

F. Fillion missionary priest

Morin priest.

Commemorative Plaque Saint Catherine in the Île de Ré http://homepage.mac.com/benoit.ladouceur/michel/ancetrethibault.html

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