April 28, 2010

Ninth Generation

Magloire Thibault (1867-1958) was born 20 January 1867 in Bai de Sables Quebec, Canada.  He married Delia Beaulieu in Fall River on October 19 1891.  Delia was born 17 Dec 1872 and died 13 May 1919 of a burst appendix.  Magloire died 8 Jan 1958.  They had 7(?) Children

  1. Delia Grace Thibault born 15 November 1892 died February 5, 1947 married Ora Darling (1910) and William Sullivan (about 1914)
  2. Magloire Thibault born 1 November 1893 died 4 September 1894 
  3. Lyda R Thibault born 1896 died January 20, 1957 married Joseph Conroy
  4. Joseph John Thibault born June 1897 died November 1948 married Mary Alice O'Neil (tenth generation)
  5. Laura Thibault born 1899 died November 1918 ruptured appendix
  6. John Thibault 2 September 1903-29 October 1903 (buried in Dedham Cemetery)
  7. Arlene (Mary-Alice?) born 14 Dec. 1908 died 1958 married John Coolidge (1927)


Larry Sullivan in Virginia said...

Appreciate the work you have put into this history. I am a "Sullivan" and grandson of Delia Grace Thibault and William Sullivan.

Janice said...

Hi Larry, thank you for the comments. Which son of Delia and William are you son of. I am in contact with Joan Conley. I wish the family were closer but alas our grandparents generation died fairly young.

Larry Sullivan in Virginia said...

Sorry. Janice - I did not see your question until today. Joan is my first cousin, one of many. She and I stay in contact through email.

My father was Lawrence J. Sullivan, one of the twins born to Delia and William in 1921.

Janice said...

Larry, just to let you know the name of the blog has changed. You can find it here https://thibaultpinckneyreynolds.blogspot.com.