June 27, 2010

Guillaume Thibault

Among the many THIBAULTS who came from France and Switzerland, at least fifteen took root in America.  Francois son of Louis was one of our ancestors but another was Guillaume Thibault son of Nicolas and Elisabeth Anthiaume.  Guillaume was born about 1618 in Rouen, Seine-Maritime, France.  He was a baker and a tailor. 

Marie-Madeleine FRANÇOIS (or LeFrançois) was from Metz, Lorraine. Her father, Isaac François, was deceased when his daughter arrived in Canada in the summer of 1654. He had been the Captain of a Light Cavalry unit in France. First mention of Marie-Madeleine in Canada is 11-16-1654 at her marriage contract to Guillaume Thibault. She was not able to sign her name. In January 1655, they were married in Québec. She was about 20 and he was about 37.

At Marie-Madeleine François' marriage to Guillaume Thibault, she brought with her a dowry of 400 livres (pounds). She chose for her husband, a baker and a tailor who was the son of bourgeois parents from Rouen, Normandy. He was able to sign his name, therefore had some education.

Guillaume Thibault had first arrived unmarried in Canada in 1638, then he returned to France probably in 1639 where he lived until 1643. In April of that year, he signed a contract for three years at La Rochelle before Notary Teuleron for a pay of 100 livres a year with 60 livres given in advance. According to the contract, he was living in LaRochelle and working worked as a baker. From this, it can be determined that Marie-Madeleine's dowry of 400 livres was an attractive sum of money.

In 1650, Thibault was established in Chateau-Richer in the county of Montmorency. In December of that year, Olivier Letardif conceded land to Guillaume Thibault at Chateau Richer. Olivier Letardif was one of the sponsors of the 1643 voyage to Canada where many recruits had signed on. Letardif (or Tardif) was the manager of the company store for the Company of 100 Associates in Québec.

The 1666 census picked the family up as living in the Québec area. Thibault had in his employ a recruit named Robert Vaillancourt, a 23-year old coppersmith.

The census of 1667 showed that he owned 5 head of cattle and 15 arpents (acres) of land being farmed.

In February 1682, Thibault purchased the property of Simon Guyon who had recently died for the sum of 2000 livres (pounds).

Guillaume Thibault died at Chateau-Richer 8-21-1686 at the age of 64. On the 28th of April 1695, his estate worth 1175 livres were distributed to his children.

Marie-Madeleine François had a second marriage to François Fafard, a widower, in 1696.

How are we decendants of Guillame and Marie-Madeleine?

Guillaume Thibault m. M. Madeleine Lefrancois
  daughter Claire Charlotte Francois Thibault m Felix Aubert
    daughter Marie Charlotte Aubert m. Francois Robert Levesque
       daughter Marie-Madeleine Levesque m. Pierre Berube
         son Charles-Felix Berube m. Marie-Rosalie Levesque
            son Charles-Felix Berube m. Charlotte Hudon
               daughter Emilie Berube m. Joseph Hudon-Beaulieu
                  son Amable Beaulieu m. Georgina Beaupre
                     daughter Delia-Victoria Beaulieu m. Magloire Thibault
                        son Joseph John Thibault m. Mary-Alice O'Neil
                           son Joseph John Thibault

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