March 11, 2011

Old Photographs

Often one comes upon old photographs in boxes or from relatives where the identity of the party in the picture is not known.  Guesses can be made about who is in the picture but verification is difficult.  I came across one such picture from a cousin who's family always thought that this was a wedding  photograph of Maglore Thibault and Delia Beaulieu.  It may be, but it also maybe a photograph of Victoria Thibault (Magloire's first cousin) and her husband Joseph Caron.  I'm posting this in hopes that perhaps someone will come across it and know for sure or know at least that it is NOT Victoria and Joseph Caron.

Mystery solved.  This is the wedding photo of Magloire and Delia Beaulieu.  It was, as far as I know, taken by a photographer Joseph Thibault.  Joseph was married to a Mary Adele Berube.  Joseph and Mary had one son Albert who died at 4 in 1890.  They didn't have any more children but were still in Fall River as of 1920.

I am with about a 99.9% certainty that this is Magoire and Delia.  There is no other reason for the family to have this photograph plus Delia resembles my sister and I see my brother in Magloire's eyes.  

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