December 6, 2010

Our Acadian Ancestors

Michel Boudrot was born about 1600 in Cougnes, de La Rochelle, France, arriving in Acadia before 1639. The 1671 census for Port-royal, he was a laborer and was also a civil and criminal lieutenant general (judge) according to the 1686 census. He married Michelle Aucoin  who gave him eleven children. Their daughter Marguerite  married Francois Bourg in 1665.  Marguerite & Francois' daughter Anne-Jeanne  married Charles Melanson in 1700.  Anne-Jeanne was 16.  They gave birth to a daughter Marie who married Charles Godin Boisjoli/Bellefontaine in 1733.  Their daughter Anne married Jean-Baptiste Chaloux Chalou in 1765.  They had a daughter Marie-Josephe who married Pierre Sirois at the age of 14.  Marie and Pierre had a daughter Marie-Josepthe who married Vincent Rioux.  Marie and Vincent had 18 children; including daughters Felicite and Basillisse.  Felicite is great great grandmother of Madonna and Basillisse is our great great great grandmother.  And there our maternal line to Mothers of Acadia ends. 

Who are the Mothers of Acadia.  These are women who came from France and settled in the Acadian region of Canada and whose decendants were subjected to the Le Grand DérangementAll indications of my records show that our decendants were not part of this deportion although they eventually came to the United States.

UPDATE:  The Godin Bellefontaine's were indeed involved in the deportation.

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