January 10, 2014

It's a small world...

Last night I was looking over my husband's tree and was trying to find information on his grandmother's side of the family.  I found her great grandparents and then found a dit name that sounded very familiar.  Further research led to the first of the family to enter from France then to his parents.  I went to my tree and found the familiar dit name and went up that side of the tree further than I had previously and found the same couple.  On further examination I found their son, who I found in my husband's tree, was married 3 times.  His first wife died and he married my 8th great grandmother.  She later died and he married my husband's 7th great grandmother.  This man is my 8th great grandfather and my husband's 7th great grandfather.  This is probably not unusual in the sense that many French-Canadian's are related except for the fact that this is the only French Canadian line in his mothers family of mostly Mayflower descendants and other English immigrants.    I told my husband but I don't think he was thrilled ;-)

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